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Plymouth Distillery

plymouth gin
Sean Harrison Plymouth Gin
Plymouth Tour Distillery Map
Written by Gin Foundry

Address: Plymouth Distillery, 60 Southside Street, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 2LQ

Price: £7

Availability: Daily (you can book ahead, but also show up and ask nicely, there’s usually space)

Duration of Tour: 40 minutes

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For Your Money:

There are a handful of tours available at the Plymouth Distillery, but the base offering is a bargain of a detour. You’ll be given an overview of the history of the distillery and given an introduction to the distilling process and the botanicals used. You’ll be given a tutored tasting of Plymouth Gin Original and Plymouth Sloe Gin AND you’ll be given a hearty G&T in the distillery bar at the end of the tour. Can’t say fairer than that for £7!

The Connoisseur tour (£20 and lasts around 1.30h) provides a similar overview of the history of the Distillery, the botanicals that are used and the distillation process but adds to it an in-depth blind tasting of 5 gins (not just theirs) to compare the different styles and tastes of these gins. At the end of the experience guests can choose between a complimentary miniature of Plymouth Gin to take home or enjoy a Plymouth Gin and Tonic at the Refectory Bar as well. Fair warning – Please give at least 3 week’s notice when booking that one and it won’t be something they can just accommodate on the day.

A few thoughts from Gin Foundry:

For what you get for £7, it’s a no brainer. We filmed Master Distiller Sean Harrison talk about living with heritage and the character of the building – it’s got so much history, so many stories, and as a Distillery, we regard it as must do pilgrimage, not an optional tour for Gin lovers. Here’s a flavour of what to expect: