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Bramley & Gage (Home of 6 O’Clock Gin)

Bramley & Gage tour 6 o'clock gin
Written by Gin Foundry

Address: Bramley & Gage Distillery, Unit C6, Ashville Park, Short Way, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 3UU.

Price: £25

Availability: Saturdays & Sundays (we recommend booking ahead)

Duration of Tour: Approx 1 hour.

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For Your Money:

The 6 O’Clock Distillery Tour provides a real, guts and glory look behind the scenes at a working distillery. You’ll hear how the Bramley & Gage team went from fruit farmers to distillers, learn about the process behind 6 O’clock Gin and the range of liqueurs and vermouths and get a greater understanding of the sheer graft that goes into craft distilling, from making to bottling to ageing and distributing.

You’ll be given a 6 O’clock G&T on arrival. You’ll Get to find out how they craft their artisan whole-fruit liqueurs, discover the secrets of their robust (and delicious) Sloe Gin and find out how they get their Damson Gin so crystal clear; the whole process is covered from field to bottle. As well as taking you on a tour of the production process, the Bramley & Gage expert guide will also introduce you to ‘Kathleen’, the beautiful ‘double sphere’ copper still. She’s a beauty!

You will learn about the art and craftsmanship behind the distillation process, discover how the award-winning gin began life and have a chance to see, smell and touch the botanicals that make 6 O’clock Gin so ‘Strikingly Smooth’… During the session you’ll be given full access to the tasting room, where you can try any of the vermouths and liqueurs on offer.

As it’s a bit of a distance from the city centre and thus many will drive in, designated drivers will be given a mini to “take away” afterwards so they can still join in the fun, responsibly.

A few thoughts from Gin Foundry:

It’s not the most picturesque of destinations but once inside, it is one of the best places to go in the UK for those who love both gin and fruit liqueurs. Personal and informed – the tour has been well thought out. While their 3 Dry Gins are worth the trip alone – Bramley & Gage have established such a huge reputation for their fruit liqueur range, the tour (and tasting) makes for an ideal place to go if you have a broader interest or if are trying to convince someone who might be a little reluctant to join if it were just gin alone. The “Take Away” idea is really nifty too and few distilleries take that into account, so an added perk for those looking to drive there.