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Beefeater Distillery

Desmond Payne, Beefeater Gin, #Desmond50, 50 years
Written by Gin Foundry

Address: 20 Montford Place, Kennington, London, SE11 5DE

Price: £12

Availability: Monday – Saturday

Duration of Tour: 1 hour

Book a tour of Beefeater Distillery HERE.

For Your Money:

A self-guided tour takes you on a stroll through the history of gin in London. Think gin museum and in particular, of Beefeater’s archives. You’ll get to see how international politics, exotic imports from the British Empire, an era of Victorian entrepreneurs and some savvy American barmen made gin the world’s favourite cocktail spirit and some of the old labels and original photos really give a sense of the time that beefeater have been around. Once through, a guide escorts you to the heart of the distillery to explain the production process and to help you experience a sensory understanding of the ingredients that make Beefeater Gin, Beefeater 24 and Burrough’s Reserve.

The tour culminates in a complimentary Beefeater Gin and Tonic.

A few thoughts from Gin Foundry:

The self guided museum tour and quick explanation offer good value for money (a G&T in London + a tour for £12 is good!), but if you are a proper gin nerd, the “VIP Tour” offers a little more to delve into and is worth the step up in cost (£40). It is a two and a half hour experience, which kicks off in the same way but goes into more detail once inside and along the additional insight into how Beefeater is made, you get to see a little more of the distillery too. The tour also finishes with a Beefeater Gin of your choice and Tonic so you get to sample at the end as well. The Beefeater VIP experiences are hosted on Fridays only though, starting at 10.30am.