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Ginvent Interviews

Written by Gin Foundry

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking to distillers and recording the conversations so that we could host a longer format interview, going into much more depth about some of the gins in Ginvent. The aim was to try something different, and jump straight into a talk between two people all about their gin – as if you you had just come across them at a dinner, or an event and wanted to fins out a little more about what they do…

We spoke to Pickering’s Distillery co-founder Matthew Gammel about their Brussels Sprout Gin, the ideas behind it and how . they went about making it, as well as what it’s like to make hundreds of thousands of baubles every year.


While we were planning our collaboration with Southwestern Distillery, we decided to get a microphone out to record the kind of conversations we have when visiting the team and try and showcase the way we develop the ideas together. Here Tarquin Leadbetter, Nik Fordham, and Tom Perkins are discussing the Treth Ha Mog release and what our collective hope for it is, just before it was distilled in July 2019.

The following is an interview with co-founder and distiller Lorien Cameron Ross, speaking about life at the Scottish distillery and what to expect from Loch Ness Gin.  Recorded outside a cafe on a rainy London day, we discuss the limited nature of her gin runs, her process and how the entire distillery came to be in the first place.

We caught up with Tappers Gin maker, Steve Tapril to talk about what it is to be a compounder, the Tappers brand as a whole, and the Wintergreen Gin included in Ginvent this year.

When he arrived to deliver some more gin for Gin Kiosk, we sat down with Hugh Anderson of Downton Distillery, discussing his journey into making Explorer’s Gin, the learning curve he went through, the taste of the gin, and where it is headed towards now.