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Ginvent 2018, G&T
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Ginvent – The Original Gin Advent Calendar

Ginvent Calendar 2018, Gin advent, Gin advent calendar

Ginvent Calendar 2018

Ginvent began one cold, dark winter night when we realised that no one made a gin-filled Advent calendar. To resolve the deplorable absence of our precious juniper spirit during the season of festivities, we designed, crafted and installed a 2 x 2 metre calendar in a central London bar and each day opened a new door. We celebrated the gin inside by serving up G&Ts and cocktails, as well as hosting tastings and generally sharing the gin love.

The calendar was an instant hit and we were flooded with requests to miniaturise it in order to spread the festive cheer by making it available for all to enjoy in their homes. Not everyone can get to London, apparently, and this was an idea that needed to be democratised. The rest, as they say, is history and six years on the Ginvent Calendars have gone global…

Ginvent calendars are representative of Gin Foundry’s core mission: to celebrate Gin and help drinkers find their perfect tipple. Ginvent is a central pillar on which we further this aim, and to accomplish this we dedicate months of each year to discussing the exact right gins and plotting ways to bring the calendars to life.

So what’s inside? Each year, we select 24 Gins that provide a snapshot of the category’s depth, diversity and global reach. We scour countries in search of the very best, the most unusual, the most progressive and – of utmost importance – the most sublimely delicious gins. The content of the Ginvent calendars is carefully curated and painstakingly considered so that all styles of gins are included, from London Dry to Old Tom, to Navy strength, Fruit infused and so on…

We also make an effort to showcase all types of producers, celebrating the artisanal, craft makers while providing a unique chance to compare them in context to some of the familiar, larger names. It’s a chance to really discover the very best the category has to offer and will challenge your preconceptions as it titillates your tastebuds.

We take great pride in presenting a new line up each year, alongside a new look and feel so for those of you who have already enjoyed a Ginvent calendar, 2018 promises a different selection once again. As always, there will be calendar exclusives and new gin launches making their debut behind certain doors, as well as a return of some older gins that are starting to make their way back into the limelight.

Ginvent 2018 is available to order


You can see what they are below but fair warning, the more you scroll down this page, THE MORE SPOILERS AS TO THE 2018 CONTENTS THERE ARE!

Ginvent is designed to be a shared experience, so each day we run live tastings via our social media platforms, host tastings across the UK and publish articles, interviews and features on the gins included.

We hope that by doing this, anyone who wants to peel back the layers and discover a little about the people involved and the spirits they make – can find a perfect platform to learn more. Moreover, there is a schedule with tasting notes and G&T suggested serves for each gin in the programme below, so all the information needed is gathered in one place. Again, as it has to be brand specific, there are clearly spoilers, so fair warning for those who really don’t want to know!



Ginvent 2018 Lifestyle

What is a Ginvent Calendar?

The Original gin fuelled Advent Calendar, filled with 24 mini drams of different brands of Gins, selected from all over the world

Where is Ginvent Available from?

You can get hold of Ginvent calendars via Amazon, Gin Kiosk, Master of Malt, Not on the High Street and at the Ginvent pop-up!

What do others say about it?

"Is it too early to be getting excited about the countdown to Christmas? Not when it includes a gin advent calendar..." METRO

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58 Clearly Sloe Gin

A twist of lemon will cut through the sweetness here, bringing new, zesty dimensions to this distilled sloe gin.

Manchester Gin Wild Spirit

Tuck a big sprig of lemon thyme down the side of a tall glass to make an invitingly fresh G&T.

Limited Edition

Curl the peel of a zingy pink grapefruit around the inside of your copa glass in a spiral shape to make a big, bold and beautiful drink.

Teasmiths Gin

A fresh sprig of mint will add intensity to this gin's green notes, bringing a taste of summer to a cold winter's day.


This one calls for a dual garnish. Slice a skinny orange wheel and combine in the glass with a warming cinnamon stick to build in some contrasting flavours.

Mason's Gin Peppered Pear Edition

Cut thing slices out of a red apple and arrange them in a fan shape on the side of your glass. It looks fancy and tastes outrageously fresh.

Persie Labrador Gin

A classic gin calls for a classic garnish. Make like your local boozer and go simple here with an ice and a slice (of lemon, naturally).

Locksley VSOT Gin

Add a generous sliver of ruby red grapefruit to bring in a lovely, fresh citrus feel to this exciting newbie from Locksley.

Campfire Navy Strength Gin

Grab the ugliest orange peel you can (rustic is the best look for a gin as outdoorsy as this) and drop it right into your G&T. It'll accentuate the gin's soft citrus notes and make that Navy Strength all the more softer.

Corner 53 Gin Cherokee Gin

Cut two slivers out of a pear and wedge them down on either side of the glass. It'll look stellar and taste gorgeous.

Colonsay Bramble Liqueur

Double down on the fruit in this juicy little endeavour by chucking in a handful of ripe blackberries. A couple of warming cloves will bring in a nice festive feel.

Twelve Keys Gin

A curious gin calls for a curious garnish. Bring out its rich, bitter sides with a handful of slightly dented coffee beans and add in some luxurious fruit with a slice of fig.

An Dulaman Gin

Add a trim slice of lemon peel to the top of the glass. This will bring a contrast to the bold flavours at the core of this gin, as well as a bright lift to the aroma.

Tapper's Darkside Gin

This is a loud, bold gin with a rich and silky mouthfeel. It doesn't need much, so just spritz a tiny little bit of orange peel zest over the top of the glass and discard.

Hayman's Royal Dock Navy Gin

The rich, Naval history is strong with this. Drink it like your ancestors did, with a dash of bitters and a lime wedge.

Faith & Sons Mango Gin

A left field gin calls for a left field garnish. Skewer a couple of pineapple chunks and add them into the glass for a totally tropical tipple.

209 Gin

Use a dual garnish here to bring both the front and the finish alive in the glass. A grapefruit wheel will prevent the citrus from fading too fast, while cardamom pods will bring a beautiful fragrance to the spice section.

Dartmouth English Gin

An orange wheel and a sprig of thyme is our go to here, but blueberries and rosemary can also work wonders to bring out the fresh garden botanicals, so rich in this gin.

Ramsbury Gin

Add a handful of apple wedges to a G&T to bring out the crisp quince notes within this grain to glass gin.

Cuckoo Gin

A summery combination of strawberries and black pepper will lead this gin down a deliciously complex path.

Salcombe Start Point Gin

This is a wonderfully citrus-led gin and we can't help but want to pour fuel on the flames by adding in a small grapefruit wedge.

Malfy Orginale

A combination of sliced cherries and fresh thyme will hark at this gin's Amalfi coast origins whilst further expanding the classic flavours within.

Pothecary Gin

Use a fresh sprig of rosemary to compliment the floral bouquet within this gin. All of a sudden, you're in the Provence.

Scapegrace Navy Strength Gin

This beautifully bold gin positively screams for a brave garnish. Add some fresh lemongrass to liven things up.


For any media enquires about Ginvent, image requests or other information that you may need for editorial purposes - please contact Olivier@www.ginfoundry.com

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