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Greenall’s Fruit Gins

Greenall's Sloe Gin
Written by Gin Foundry

In September 2014, Greenall’s Gin announced the first line extensions under their house name in over 250 years. Greenall’s Sloe Gin and Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin.

Greenall’s history all began with Thomas Dakin in 1761 and he historically may have distilled a few different liquors and gins alongside the enduring Greenall’s Original London Dry Gin, which we’ve covered in a separate article HERE. While the team believe that there may have been a Sloe Gin at some point in the 250 years since the birth of their distillery, a significant amount of their heritage was unfortunately lost in a fire in 2005 which destroyed not only the distillery (excluding the stills!) but much of their archives.

To create Greenall’s Sloe Gin, sloes are macerated for 8 weeks in Greenall’s Original London Dry Gin. The team then add sugar which reduces the ABV down to 26%. To taste, it’s a classic Sloe Gin with almond cherry notes emerging to the fore with fruity depth and a rich ruby red colour.

The process is similar for the Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin where the infusion takes place post distillation, but the team do not macerate the berries for weeks to aim for a heavy infusion. They simply add a hint of Wild Berry (a combination of raspberry and blackberries) flavour to the liquid. With an ABV of 37.5%, the Wild Berry is more akin to a gin that has a sugary, red fruit twist as opposed to a fruit gin. It adds a fruity touch to the gin yet it remains balanced and versatile enough to use in both cocktails  as well as G&Ts.

Curious to find out more about releasing two new line extensions in one go, we asked whether it was a result of looking to create two new products or whether it was because of the research and development process where two options emerged and both were chosen. The team explained, “We have been working on several innovations on the brand and exploring many line extensions and flavour variants which could work well with Greenall’s. We believed that Sloe Gin was a very natural line extension for the brand and seasonally, it worked well to come out in September. Wild Berry is also something which we have been working on for quite some time and were excited at the opportunity to launch – autumn being the optimal time for berry flavours! Both offer very different propositions; our sloe gin is a classic winter drink for sipping, enjoying in warm cocktails and festive drinks. Wild Berry is much more a twist on the original gin – offering a lighter, more fruity flavour for the consumer – and we want consumers to enjoy this year round.”

It’s an interesting move for Greenall’s, who have created a few new gins since 2010 but have always chosen to create a new brand as opposed to creating something under the Greenall’s banner. Bloom, Berkeley Square and Opihr were created and are marketed together under The Great British Gin Collection. While they are attached to the Greenall’s distillery and created by their master distiller, Joanne Moore, they are always kept separate to the actual Greenall’s brand. The Sloe Gin and Wild Berry Gin are the first opportunity that Joanne Moore has had to develop variants on the Greenall’s brand and work with the liquid in a new and innovative way.

Greenall’s has increased the focus and development around their flagship gin and have seen fantastic success – doubling their volume in the UK on trade in the past 12 months and growing 30% + in the UK off trade. No doubt the Wild Berry and Sloe Gin will add to this impressive growth.


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Greenall's Wildberry GIn
Greenall's Sloe Gin