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Ginvent Speed Tastings, 6 gins in 1.30h… What are you waiting for!

Ginvent Calendar 2016. Gin Advent
GIN&TONIC, G&T, Gin and Tonic gin tasting
Ginvent Calendar 2016. Gin Advent
GIN&TONIC, G&T, Gin and Tonic
Written by Gin Foundry


The world is split into three camps: those that have met the love of their lives, those that are waiting to meet the love of their lives, and those that think love is a fantasy created by perfume companies and Coca-Cola. That said, no matter which side of the triangle you sit on, you’ll agree on one thing: gin is the real, true one for you.

With so many out there, though, it can be hard to know where your loyalty should lie. Should you go small, pretty, weird, classic, fruity, spicy, sweet or local? How do you wade through the thousands of gins on offer to find one that suits your palate? To help you solve this conundrum, we’ve applied the concept of speed dating to gin. The task of finding your spirit match will be a joyous one, at least…

The Ginvent Speed Tasting events on the 17th & 18th December, will see you seated at your table in groups of six or seven. For 8 minutes at a time, a representative from one of six of the evening’s gins will join you to try and convince you to love their gin a little more than the last… They’ll talk you through the story of their spirit, but they’re also ready and prepped to share their spirits. Like errant elves, they’ll distribute samples, tonics, ice and garnishes, so you can sip the proffered gin both neat and how it was meant to be served – slathered with ice and tonic.

After a few minutes of pumping you full of booze and facts, a bell will ring and your suitor will toddle off to the next table, leaving you to finish what you’re sipping so that you’re ready to greet the next gin.

The aim is simple – to give you a chance to find the perfect gin for you, with maximum fun and minimum effort. Each two-hour Speed Tasting session will run as follows:

Let the games begin…

You’ll be welcomed into our winter wonderland with a festively tuned G&T. Admire the Christmas tree, count the poinsettias (we’ll go to far, we always go to far), and soak up the festive atmosphere. The bar is open, serving 24 different G&T combinations alongside festive-pun-themed cocktails.


A klaxon will sound, so get to your table. Shortly, your first suitor will arrive, ready to fill your mind with stories and your body with gin. They will have all the necessary accoutrements to serve their gin in the best way possible, so ready yourself for a particularly elegant (dare we say extravagant…) G&T.


And the second, for that matter. Steady on.


Here comes the third. Maybe you’ve fallen for a new favourite gin by now… was it the story, was it the taste, was it the irresistible packing? There’ll be a lot to pick from!


The fourth. Actually, maybe this is the one for you?


The fifth. Or this…


And last but not least, the sixth. You might have a new favourite gin, or we might have just accidentally added six new favourites to your collection… a win-win scenario, surely?


The dates are over, but that doesn’t spell the end of the night. You’ve got about forty minutes to hit up the bar, browse the shop and carry on the conversation with your fellow gin geeks.

We hope to see you down there!

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