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Newcomers Zone at Junipalooza

Macintosh Gin square
Jaisalmer Gin Square
Opera Gin Square
Sandhills Gin Square
Brass Lion Square
Written by Gin Foundry

Last year’s Newcomers Zone was a smash hit. So much so that we’ve given it more room for 2019! These are brands so fresh and so raw that there’s a very good chance you won’t have heard of them yet. There’s a good chance, in fact, that you’ll be some of the first in the UK to taste their spirits.

This was such an exciting premise in the 2018 festival that the stand was overrun, so the man with the master plan for Juniplaooza, Emile, has been working tirelessly to create more space for his exciting and dynamic line up. The boy’s done well. Very well.

All six gins featured in the Newcomers Zone are just starting their journey and you, intrepid drinkers that you are, are getting in on the action at the B of the Bang.  Here’s who taking part…

Mackintosh Gin

Run by James and Deborah, this Angus based, produced and bottled gin is the couple’s first foray into craft distilling… look out for a bottle with the ‘Lover’s’ Knot on the front, a symbol which is carved into a 9th century Pictish stone. The knot is made up of an unbroken line over four corners that represent the endless round of seasons and is enclosed in a circle that represents infinity, the sun and the power of the female or Mother Earth.

We’ve been speaking to owner and distiller James HERE


“When the sand blows over the winds of time, Lend them your ears and hear them chime”. Take a moment to be transported to India to learn about where this gin is made. The team source seven botanicals from the region, including one that caught our eye – Vetiver, a complex spice with intriguing peppery notes which are grown in the fields around Jaisalmer.

We’ve been speaking to Radico Khaitan’s President of International Business, Sanjeev HERE


Reviving the forgotten tradition of distilleries within the city walls of Budapest, Opera Gin founder Balint Dmosy installed his distillery in a warehouse on the premises of the former Hungarian Cotton Factory, finally getting hi s licence on the 17th April 2018. Just over a year of work later, gin began to flow from the stills and is now on its way to you!

We’ve been speaking to owner and distiller Balint HERE

Full Circle

Time to drink in the Archipelago! Few people quite appreciate just how much gin the Philippines makes, let alone consumes. If you took all of the gin made in the UK and exported around the world each year, you would only just have enough for their domestic needs! Meanwhile, on the other end of this vast spectrum – think tiny – lies Full Circle distillery, a newly established craft outfit showing that quality over quantity is what matters most. Welcome to their quiet revolution…

We’ve been speaking to owner and distiller Matthew HERE


A fascinating process goes into making Surrey made Sandhills Gin. They use a traditional copper pot to distil botanicals with heavier oils such as juniper and coriander as well as using a cold vacuum distillation process to preserve lighter, more delicate flavours and bouquets. One to savour and geek out on for sure – it’s also one that’ll stand out with its bright yellow bottle, which are as vivid as the honey and gorse notes that fill it…

We’ve been speaking to owner and distiller Jeanette HERE

Brass Lion

What a cracker of a new distillery, all the way from Singapore. This is where classic gin botanicals meet aromatic Asian flavours! Jamie and her team embarked on a six year journey to create a spirit that can truly encapsulate the heart of Singapore. It builds upon classic gin foundations of juniper berries and coriander seed, and then adds traditional Asian flavours such as the aromatic torch ginger flower and citrusy lemongrass.

We spoke to owner and distiller Jamie HERE

We’re barely finished typing even that little bit of info (trust us, there’s so much more about each that we’re desperate to shout about!) and our hearts are beating at the thought of just how exciting seeing all six of these teams. If you haven’t got your Junipalooza tickets yet, don’t miss out!