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NB Gin
Written by Gin Foundry

NB Gin, created by micro-distillery NB Distillery Ltd, stands for North Berwick Gin, that it just so happens, to also be the home town of this new handcrafted premium gin.

Created by husband and wife team, Steve and Viv Muir, NB Gin is distilled using pure British grain spirit and a combination of 7 botanicals. Steve Muir says: “NB Gin is unashamedly traditional, but provides a balanced flavour and strength which is not overly complicated. All the flavours needed to enjoy it are there already and there’s no real need to add a garnish.” We’re guessing the seven botanicals are the most common you would find in most gins: juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, cardamon, liquorice and one citrus.

NB Gin happens to be stilled, blended, bottled and labelled by hand in 200 Litres batches in a custom built still produced by one of the oldest still makers in the world, John Dore & Co. Moreover, Steve and Viv Muir enlisted the help and services of Charles Maxwell and Gema Zaragoza at Thames Distillers in London to be part of the official tasting committee for NB Gin. Thames Distillers, who have more than 40 gins for 30 brands available to buy in the UK, concluded that the gin was of high quality and very enjoyable to taste.

Steve Muir continues: “Gin is making a comeback, but it’s very different this time round. Consumers are drinking less but are more discerning about quality and that’s what our product is all about. It works either on its own with a block or two of ice, traditionally mixed with a quality tonic, or is equally at home in the classic gin martini or the delicious aperitivo, Negroni.”

NB Gin was officially launched this month at Lockett Bros in North Berwick and have already struck deals with Vino Wines, Drinkmonger and Royal Mile Whiskies. Interestingly they will also be in the bar of Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols, and Juniper, a new bar on Edinburgh’s Princes Street.

Viv Muir adds: “NB Gin has been a long time in the making, and thankfully it’s a very good time for us to be entering the market. But the most exciting part is that we have launched it in our home town. The support has been fantastic and there’s been a bit of a buzz about our gin being produced locally, which people really like. We hope that this is just the start. There are no boundaries to our geographical reach, so we look forward to what the future holds for us. It’s been a labour of love to ensure that we never compromise on quality, but a fantastic one.”

According to Nielsen, the consumer analysts, Britain’s gin production has grown by 23% in the last decade.

We look forward to tasting and reviewing NB Gin when we get the chance, so make sure you keep an eye out for it in our Gin section!