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Junipalooza Sydney Launches

Junipalooza Melbourne
Written by Gin Foundry

We’ve got some good news for Gin fans living in the land down under: We’ve caved to your cries and decided to double the dose of Junipaloozas heading your way. Not only will you be getting your regularly scheduled delivery of Gin-drinking madness in Melbourne this October, we’ll also be playing host in Sydney over the summer, with Junipalooza rocking up to Carriageworks on the 22nd and 23rd August.

Junipalooza is a tribute to Gin – an event curated by people who love it, celebrating the people who make it. The real stars of the day, though, are you – the people who proffer their empty glasses towards the hundred or so gins on display and taste their way through a literal rainbow of flavours stories.

After four excellent years running Junipalooza Melbourne (and falling further and further in love with Australia), now felt like the right time to expand.  Junipalooza Sydney will follow the same formula as Melbourne: you’ll be given your keepsake tasting glass upon entry and unleashed upon the dozens of distillers sharing their wares.

This is our first foray into Sydney so we’re keeping it small, though as guests to our previous shows will attest, we’ve become a traveling circus of late, so small is a relative term…

There will still be over 25 different craft distillers (from both Australia and further afield) sharing their full range, which will add up to around around two hundred different gins between them. Guests will be able to stop by whichever ones take their fancy and try their gins both neat and with tonic.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that Junipalooza is worthy of being the go-to for London, Hamburg and Melbourne’s communities of Gin enthusiasts since it began seven years ago, with our unique meet the maker policy giving fans direct access to the people behind the brands they know and love.

Our promise remains simple – either the distiller or brand owner has to be there in person. These are the people who’ve shaken off the shackles of corporate life to do their own thing; they’re inspiring, driven creators who are only too keen to share their adventures with you over an ice cold G&T – the celebrities of the Gin world.

Over the years, Junipalooza has grown to be more than just a show. We’ve trimmed some areas, pruned and nurtured others. It’s become something of a milestone in super geek calendars across the globe, and entire micro-communities have formed around the events. We’ve always wanted to add more shows into the calendar, but picking where to host them is always a complex equation to solve. Sydney marks the first time we’re double dipping in one country – not even our home in England gets that privilege.

We just love this city, its people and the distillers that call it home. It’s a natural fit for a Junipalooza outpost – it’s everything at once – a thriving metropolis surrounded by jaw-dropping natural beauty. It’s diverse, it’s fun, and – like Gin – it shares a love of envelope-pushing, boundary breaking, history making bravado. We can’t wait to see you there!

Tickets are now on sale along with more details about the show on Junipalooza.com