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Masterclasses At Junipalooza

Junipalooze Masterclasses
Franklin & Sons
Merchant's Heart tonic review
Merchant's Heart tonic review
Written by Gin Foundry

Junipalooza isn’t just a celebration of Gin (although, you know, we are pretty dedicated to the cause…). Some of the brightest, sparkliest tonic brands will be on hand to send those delicious spirits soaring into the stratosphere.

As well as pairing up with the 50+ Gin brands at Junipalooza, mixer masters Merchant’s Heart and Franklin & Sons will be delivering workshops to help you take your G&T to the next level. Scroll down to see the full schedule of talks…

SATURDAY Masterclasses: 11:00 – 15:00

 12:00 “I’m opening a Gin distillery!”
A panel of Gin makers will sit down to talk motivations, journeys and lessons learned. You’ll gain valuable insight into what it takes to become a Ginsmith and hear the full blood, sweat and tears tale behind each.

13:00 Tonic & Gin Pairing Masterclass
Franklin & Sons will be walking you through the daunting task of picking the right T to your G. Whether sweet, dry, aged or spiced, they’ll go through a number of Gin styles, demonstrating their award winning tonics and mixers.

14:00 Alternative Pairings With Gin
It’s not all about the G&T! Franklin & Sons will share some alternative ideas for refreshing serves in this experimental session, where hand selected soft mixers will be used to create tasty, unusual & thought provoking long drinks.

SATURDAY Masterclasses: 16:00 – 20:00

17:00 Gin 101 
An expert panel tackle 20 Gin questions in 20 minutes. From distilling ideas to trends, global phenomenons and historical roots, everything you ever wanted to know about Gin will be discussed.

18:00 Tonic & Pairing Masterclasses
Franklin & Sons are back to guide festival goers through
the daunting task of picking the right T to your G.

19:00 Alternative Pairing with Gin
Unusual & thought provoking long drinks served up by Franklin & Sons.

SUNDAY Masterclasses: 11:00 – 16:00

12:45 Rules of Thumb for Gin O’ Clock
With so many weird and wonderful gins and tonics on offer, how do you go about pairing them? The Merchant’s Heart team will reveal all, teaching you how to pick mixers that will enhance, rather than dilute, your favourite gins.

13:30 Keeping the Fizz Alive!
In a fast paced session that will have you bubbling over with excitement, the Merchant’s Heart team will discuss the importance of carbonation and how it impacts the flavour of your G&T. Brilliant fizz, lovely ebullition… it’s everything you never even thought to consider when serving up your favourite drink.

14:15 Rules of Thumb for Gin O’ Clock
A second chance to catch all the geekery you need to know to up your G&T game…

15:00 Keeping the Fizz Alive!
A second chance to learn all about bubbles and why they are so important to the flavour and perception of your favourite drink…

FAQ Masterclasses

Masterclasses are between 20-25 minutes and are free to attend for those who are at Junipalooza. Places are first come first served and the dedicated masterclass space can accommodate 50 sitting and a further 20 standing so arrive on time to avoid disappointment.


Junipalooze Masterclasses
Franklin & Sons
Franklin & Sons
Merchant's Heart tonic review
Merchant's Heart tonic review