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Junipalooza 2016

Junipalooza Gin festival
Written by Gin Foundry




The news is out, Early Bird tickets are flying out the door and gin makers are scheduled to travel in from around the world to take part – Junipalooza 2016 is officially taking shape!

Taking place over the Saturday 11th (WORLD GIN DAY!) and Sunday 12th June – Junipalooza 2016 will be the third year our gin festival has taken place and each time it has grown in size. We have also kept a few fundamental pillars too. We focus on having the actual makers present at the event. It’s personal. We make sure there are gins from all over the world, both new and established. We cap numbers of attendees so that it’s possible to fully geek out about Gin with people who are passionate about what they make, rather than queue everywhere while sharpening your elbows just to get a sample. If you missed out on last year’s event and are wondering what it looked like – watch this little dinky video to find out more…

What does Junipalooza 2016 hold in store?

Firstly, we’ve moved the event to Tobacco Docks in East London. This allows us to take up more space for more gin makers to showcase their spirits, to add on delicious Street Food stalls, have numerous new tonic water stands and include two separate bars. The added space allows for more seating and more room to not feel cramped too – we wanted to have more guests and more makers but to keep that same easygoing feel.

Junipalooza is our way of taking everything this site encompasses and creating a physical manifestation of it. This primary aim is the driving force behind all the elements you will discover over the weekend.

A big part of Gin Foundry is to act as a platform for both established and emerging gins alike and present their stories to a wider audience. For the larger distilleries, we’ve set out a couple of spaces to create more immersive experiences. To help accomplish this for the smaller teams, we’ve set aside a Junipalooza Bursary to ensure that 2 smaller brands can showcase their gins. We’ll be announcing who these Ginsmiths are in March.

This site acts as a repository of information for those looking to discover more about the story behind gin, how they are created and by whom. For Junipalooza 2016, there will be 37 distilleries represented (there were 23 last year) so more people for you to meet and more gins to taste (around 80 to 100 gins). Each ticket includes samples from all of the distillers either served up neat or in a micro G&T.

We love writing feature articles to provide some insight into the world of gin. To recreate this element at Junipalooza, there will be mini masterclasses held over the weekend. These are free to attend and last 20 minutes. The aim of these is to provide a little more information about a particular subject relevant to gin as a category. For example, what is Old Tom? Does the type of water a distillery uses make a difference? An overview of cocktails like the G&T, the Martini. What does it take to set up a distillery? Fast paced and fun – the workshops will be a great way of getting to grips with category wide topics that will help guide you through the interconnected world of gin.

As many of you know, Gin Foundry has it’s own shop. At Junipalooza we will be hosting a shop that includes all the gins at the show all conveniently in one place however, the festival showcases our golden rule as a retailer – to work with distilleries and never compete against them. To this effect, all the distilleries talking part will be selling their gins directly to guests (no other spirits show allows this!) and we will match whatever price they want to do. We’ve always preferred buying items directly off the makers who excite us at foodie fairs. There’s something nice about being able to do that and this is a core principle of our festival even if we’re talking spirits rather than produce. If you don’t want to carry gin as you go around or want to make your decisions after trying a few first however, we’ll have it all available to buy in one place at the exit.  Furthermore, by getting it straight off the maker, there ought to be a few exceptional “Junipalooza only prices” for you to take advantage of… Best of both worlds? We hope so.

There’s plenty more to announce for Junipalooza 2016 and we’ll be revealing the schedule of talks, the distilleries taking part and the custom menus for the bars in the weeks to come. We’re excited to see you all there and for those looking to book their place – Early Bird tickets are available to buy (HERE) now at £35 (usually £39) until mid February.


We’ll leave you with a video from the Drinks Galore team who visited Junipalooza last year so that you can get more of flavour of what to expect when you visit.

Don’t miss out – get your Junipalooza tickets now!

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Junipalooza Gin festival