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Instant Expert: Junipalooza Masterclasses

Junipalooza Masterclasses Saturday
Junipalooza Masterclasses
Junipalooza Masterclasses
World Gin Day #WorldGinDay
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Written by Gin Foundry

Gin Foundry’s Olivier Ward will be joined by a host of industry professionals as they present a series of Junipalooza Masterclasses. Turn up and tune in to hear predictions for the future and stories of the past, as well as the methods behind making the perfect Negroni, pairing the right combinations in a Martini and that most revered of drinks – the Gin & Tonic.

Trends and New Ideas with G&J’s Joanne Moore

Gin is an ever-evolving spirit whose popularity is currently in the midst of a surge. The duo will take a brief look at some craft producers, the ways in which they push the envelope and how they’ve helped to revolutionise the diversity in the category. They will then go into detail about the pioneering work Joanne has accomplished in creating a range based on flavour profiles and how each came around.

As Master Distiller at G&J, Joanne oversees the production of Opihr, Thomas Dakin, Berkeley Square and BLOOM. She is widely recognised as one of the most respected master distillers in the industry, forever exploring new avenues and ideas as she strives to make a gin for every palate.

Saturday 11th June, 1.30pm

G&T Pairings withDavid Bromige of Martin Miller’s Gin

It’s hard to go wrong with a Gin & Tonic, as both elements are perfect in their own right. That said, there are certain combinations and garnishes that can elevate the drink to far greater climes than the sum of its parts.

Martin Miller’s Gin founder David Bromige will be on hand to help guide you through the golden rules behind matching a gin with the right tonic and adding the perfect garnish to bring out all of those beautiful botanical elements. Yes, he’ll even have some examples for you to taste and very possibly – an exclusive glimpse of something new yet to be announced. If you’re well behaved that is…

Saturday 11th June, 5.30pm 

Fruit Gin with Warner Edwards’ Oli Stokes and Tom Warner

From macerations to growing your own – here’s a little masterclass that covers all you ever wanted to know about fruit infused gin and why it’s so darn tasty! With the sub-category exploding in 2016, there are now more creative and ever intricate releases to explore.

Tom Warner and Oli Stokes are well equipped to talk about the role of fruit in gin, as they’re near enough guaranteed to be the most prominent names associated with it. The duo recently won a £150k prize with which they plan to turbo charge their growth plans. They’re inventive and resourceful, having grown their business from the ground up since December 2012. 

Saturday 11th June, 7.15pm 

The Martini with Mike Hayward of Makar Glasgow Gin

The Martini is one of the most famous and classic cocktails around, but there are so many possible varieties (sweet or dry? Shaken or stirred? On the rocks? With a twist?) that when faced with a host of options, one can feel very much like a fish out of water. This is made worse by the confusion seeping through to your face – feeling like a fish is one thing, looking like one is quite another.

Makar’s Mike Hayward will join us as at Junipalooza 2016 as we talk you through a brief the history of the cocktail and detail how all of these variations came about, before showing you both historic and modern variations, with samples to try. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to cocktail quip like the smooth operator you always knew you could be.

Sunday 12th June, 7.15pm

There are four Masterclasses per session, each with different subjects and different distillers. To see the full line up, visit the Junipalooza Home Page here.

Junipalooza 2016 takes place on the 11th & 12th June and is spread across four sessions. Tickets cost £39 per person, per session and include the chance to meet 40 gin makers, to sample any of the 100 gins on offer, to try exclusive gins and not-yet-available-in-the-UK gins before any one else you know and to meet and mingle with hundreds of other gin fans.

Junipalooza 2016