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How To Open A Gin Distillery Goes Digital!

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Written by Gin Foundry

Due to popular demand, we are making our How To Open A Gin Distillery workshops digital! We’re starting off with the two sections of the course that are most universal in nature for anyone considering starting their own enterprise, but particularly helpful for anyone in Europe.

The online seminars will happen via video conferencing service ZOOM, and will be hosted live by our Editor, Olivier, so that it will be possible to answer questions (within reason) as the session progresses. Each session is designed to last 2.30h.

The sessions are designed to be stand alone in nature, so that it is not necessary to book into both should you not want to, although anyone considering the recipe workshop should look carefully at the earlier one stop still shop, as there may be areas of useful crossover.

Here’s a little break down of each of the seminars below, but for those who would like to register, click on the following:

One Stop Still Shop // Artful Science


In this 2.30h session, we will cover all aspects relating to the production equipment required in a fully operational gin distillery. We’ll cover dozens of examples of stills, ranging from basic apparatus all the to the thousand litre plus rigs required to go from grain to glass, with pointers and tips along the way.

Where possible, we’ll be giving indications of prices for those looking to create an accurate budget. Consider this a guided tour of what’s possible to buy, what you actually need and how your choices will impact your set up.

Intro to the session. (5mins)

Which still is right for me? (1.10h)

Picking the right still is more than what budget you have. It is about selecting something that is fit for purpose, fit for growth and tool that will help you craft fantastic gin.

– Still manufacturers
– Guideline prices
– Pros & Cons on each still maker, gained from hands on experience
– Knock-on consequences based on still shape, performance or cost
– Q&A

Distillery footprint and set up considerations. (30mins)

Distillery set ups go far beyond the confines of a copper still. How to create an environment that places efficiency, consistency and safety and the heart of all process is key to maximising growth.

– Health & Safety requirements
– Practical considerations
– The reality of getting it wrong
– Q&A

Bottling, storing and packaging (30mins)

From pouring out of the spout to dispatching goods onto a truck, there is a lot of production to be done in order to take a distillate into a finished product.

– Storage solutions and tanks (before and after distillation)
– Machinery for bottling and filling
– Proofing spirits & Testing ABV
– General storage and “unforeseen” factors that ruin everything
– Q&A

Further resources (5mins)

The complex world of stills and distilling rewards those who do as much research as possible at an early stage.
– Where to learn more about distilling
– Where to meet suppliers
– Downloads and resources

One Stop Still Shop will take place on the 28th March

March 29th. Artful Science: Masterminding Gin Recipes

In this 2.30h session, we will cover all aspects relating to creating a gin that stands up to even the most discerning of drinkers. Making a good gin is easy. Making a world class gin batch after batch is exceptionally difficult.

Intro to the session. (5mins)

Forming fully-fledged concepts (30mins)

A good gin is about more than merely balancing botanicals, it is about meeting expectations formed over centuries of drinking.
– Understanding classicism
– Curiosity & individuality drives innovation
– Provenance isn’t just about what grows locally
– Sustainability and saleability

Understanding the role of your ingredients (30mins)

Fundamental to making good gin is a deep-rooted understanding of the ingredients being used.
– The core three botanicals
– Understanding the difference between similar botanicals
– Understanding extraction method
– Where to source botanicals

Structuring a flavour journey (40mins)

We’ll cover how to go about dosing botanicals so that you can create a structured flavour journey that delivers high points, finesse and layered nuance.

– The order a flavour appear in
– Dosages, layering and weaving a journey
– Single shot vs Multi-shot
– LDN Dry Method VS Blending distillates
– Where to look for inspiration and further indications

Using your still to create consistent flavours (30mins). 

– Starting charges and deflegmators and measurement devices
– Hearts, Hearts and tails cuts
– Maceration times, cleaning and waste effluent

Further considerations. (20mins)

Botanicals aside, there are numerous factors that affect the flavour of a gin. The choice of base material to distil with has a palpable impact, the ABV affects both the flavour profile, mixability and profitability.
– Neutral spirit
– ABV vs Money
– Storage conditions and shelf stability

Artful Science will take place on the 29th March