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Heated G&T

Hot G&T
Corner club
Heated GIn and tonic
Written by Gin Foundry

A heated G&T isn’t something you see on many (or any) cocktail menus, and that’s a crying shame. This drink picks up the elements of our favourite cocktails and drops them – with some ceremony – into a winter warmer.

This is a complicated drink to make, sure, but its more than worth it, so keep it in mind for your festive fiestas – it doesn’t have to be all mulled wine and cinnamon.

How to make a Heated G&T:

30ml Hernö Old Tom Swedish Gin

10ml simple syrup

80ml heated tonic water (Fentiman’s preferable)

one cup of full cream infused with juniper

Infuse the cream with juniper berries: heat a cup of cream over medium heat, until it is scalded but not boiling. Add some lightly crushed juniper berries to the cream, then cover the pan and keep heating for a few minutes. Set this aside to cool for about 30 minutes, then strain the cream into a mixing bowl through a fine-mesh sieve.

– Heat the tonic gently over the duration of a few hours, until all the bubbles are boiled out. Let the drink cool a little to it’s not piping hot (we need tea temperature here, rather than cauldron of fiery death).

– Pour the heated tonic water into a coupe, then quickly pour the gin, simple syrup and cream into a shaker with a bit of ice. Shake hard. Shake some more.

– And more. This needs a lot of shaking!

– Strain into a coupe, where you should get a layering effect, with the viscous, creamy gin mixture sitting on top of your tonic.

A very brief, inebriated history:

Stockholm is a city people flock to for it’s beautiful outdoors, welcoming residents, and excellent food, fashion and music. Lesser defined is it’s cocktail culture, but this looks set to change with Swedish brands making headway in the international scene and more members of the international bartending scene making their way back home.

We took a visit to Stockholm to make our way around the bars, judiciously tasting one cocktail after another. The Warm G&T was the best cocktail we found by far, and came from a bar called the Corner Club in the city’s Old Town. The bar is under the stewardship of Stockholm’s brightest talents and is sweeping up at awards show; Oskar – a bartender at the club, entered his Warm G&T into the Hernö Gin competition in 2013 and won top awards with it.

While it may no longer be on the menu any longer – we sincerely hope this drink catches on, because we adore it.

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