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Hayman’s Autumn Garden Punch

Written by Gin Foundry

We are well and truly nestled in the cosy side of the year; leaves are red, there are spiders in our beds and every shop window is a bright orange display of pumpkins and trick or treat sweets. While we’re Christmas people by our very nature (nearly a decade worth of Ginvent’s will do that to you), we still firmly embrace this part of the year.

We’ve wracked our brains trying to come up with a drink that sits alongside Autumn; one that straddles the fence between summer and winter, one that can be drunk inside and outside (Bonfire Night always requires companionship from a steaming flask) and one that’ll either warm your cockles whilst savouring the last harvests of the year or be possible to batch en mass as everyone comes round for the night…

We also wanted to demonstrate the sheer universality of a Fruit Cup/Summer Cup/Garden Cup. Fruit Cups are far too quickly relegated to the back of the cupboard outside of Wimbledon season, but the good ones are so much more than something to chuck into a jug of lemonade. Complex, sweet and dry, with enough booze to warm you up but a low enough ABV to keep you sharp, they make for an amazingly versatile cocktail base.

Seriously, serve this up at a bonfire event as it’s perfect pitcher fodder and you’ll reach new levels of smugness. Host with the most? That’s you…

Hayman’s Harvest Punch

1 part Hayman’s Garden Cup
3 part Cloudy Apple Juice
Sliced Apples and Pears (dehydrate them if you feel fancy)
Cinnamon Sticks

Add it all into a glass filled with ice and garnish with a cinnamon stick. It’s worth being brave with the spice here – the Garden Cup has all the lovely sweetness and floral top notes reminiscent of summer. To make it an autumnal treat, you need that warming fruity tone which apples and cinnamon give so beautifully, so don’t skimp on the cinnamon stick – let it pop out and envelop the senses!

This cocktail also works as a winter warmer and can be served hot instead. If you want to go down that route…

Pour the apple juice into a saucepan and add two or three (depending on batch size) cinnamon sticks (we also love adding a clove or two anise), along with the sliced apples and pears. Heat on a medium heat, until the juice is close to boiling and the cinnamon sticks and fruit have infused a little. Reduce the heat to a minimum and pour in the Hayman’s Garden Cup. Leave to warm through for a minute on the low heat, then remove and decant into a flask (or drink right away). Break up the cinnamon sticks into two or three pieces each, and add to the drinks as a garnish.