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4 Ginvent sides
Written by Gin Foundry

That time of year has come again, where the weather closes in on us all dark and grey, the trees transform into a carpet of amber and your mind turns to the cosy nights ahead. Change has a certain melancholy to it, but all change also brings with it a new horizon to head towards. Late Autumn and early Winter bring us the warm, twinkling promise of the festive season. For Gin fans though, there’s more – there’s the promise of Ginvent.

For those who have never come across our Ginvent calendar, it contains 24 x 30ml hand waxed drams of gin, each containing a different Craft Gin. It was the first of its kind, and while it’s now been joined by dozens of alternatives each catering to a different drinkers, ours has doubled down on the very things that brought it to life in the first place.

A properly curated Gin advent calendar

A box filled with the same gin twenty four times would be dull, but we’re not convinced that a box filled with a random selection is much better – especially if they are just the regular names you can find on the high street. As super nerds, we take a different approach.

Firstly we ensure the width of styles in the category are covered, Dry, Sweetened (Old Tom), Navy Strength, Flavoured, Infused and more need to all be included. Then we look at production methods to ensure that all ways of making gin and their resulting characteristics are also there (cold distilled, compounded, vapour infused and traditional).

We then cross check this against quality. Naturally, we want the very best in there. We try and include the ‘Best in show’ for at least the one major spirit competitions, and we vet contents so to ensure we include producers who live up to the quality and ethic standards that we ascribe to.

We don’t stop there either, choosing to work with producers that we feel are not just high quality, but also lesser known. It’s why we’ve limited the amount of calendars available this year, so that the demand on liquid is finite and manageable for those on smaller scales. You’ll have heard of all of them, but by working to select a different expression in their ranges, or even by getting limited editions made just for us, we can guarantee it’ll be different to what you’re likely to have already got your hands on.

We pride ourselves on it being a calendar for people like ourselves – Gin geeks who love good booze but also love to explore the boundaries of a category. It’s a journey that, once all is said and done, you’ll be able to look back upon and say that you have explored gin to its fullest and gotten to know it better.

A Gin advent calendar as a platform of discovery.

The aim for Ginvent was to be more than a box crammed with tasty booze and more than a journey of exploration. Call us twee if you must, but the idea to make Ginvent a platform of discovery and not just a product has underpinned everything we have done in the past six years.

The first way we do this is via a barrage of information. Each gin included has an accompanying interview with the maker so that should anyone wanting to find out more can do so with ease. Our aim is to also have all 24 gins written up as reviews, too, giving you an in-depth look at their story. We host online tastings with friends and fellow enthusiasts to try and encourage a community and connect people with others around a shared passion.

We also host tastings in December, but far more crucially a week long POP-UP! This year, we’ll be taking up residence in Notting Hill, hosting tastings, serving cocktails and manning a bottle shop. More on this soon, but as always with the Ginvent Pop-up, it’ll be a great way to discover more about the gins, to try before you buy and to meet fellow enthusiasts over a cocktail or two.

Some highlights (with no spoilers):

Ginvent 2019 has got six limited editions especially made for it. That’s a quarter of the box that will be new to all, no matter how many Gin festivals you’ve been to or how overburdened your shelf is.

There’s a fair amount of Navy strength gins in there, but we also have three hard to find gins from India so that we can explore an entire region and it’s current state of evolution. As we mentioned above – there are actually three gins that were each voted best in the world in the major spirit competitions this year going head to head one after the next!

Last but not least, we’ve got some utter maddness in there too. Gin is fun, and that’s reflected in this selection too…  It’s all set to be an incredible journey!