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Gin Foundry Re-Launches the Little Book on Gins, Tonics & Garnishes

G&T Book pages 15
Written by Gin Foundry

Do you remember a little book on gins, tonics & garnishes? It was a guide we wrote in partnership with Fever-Tree that served both as a history lesson and an instruction manual for the deceptively complex cocktail that is the G&T.

Well… the book is back, and it’s twice the size. Gin is an ever-changing landscape and even we, who dedicate ourselves to the spirit both personally and professionally, struggle to keep up. There are new gins entering the market if not every day, than at least every week, and while some fade into obscurity, others well and truly become the next big thing. Just think, a couple of years ago there was no Sir Robin of Locksley Gin to speak of. Nor, TOAD, nor Conker, nor Malfy

Needless to say, we’ve fixed the gin section up, doubling the number of gins and their suggested serves to a hundred. The book works like this: there are brief but detailed tasting notes for the most popular gins on the market (as well as a handful of the more obscure ones… we know you’re an adventurous bunch). Within the gin section, we’ll tell you the best accompanying Fever-Tree tonic, along with a deliberately “alternative” garnish combination suggestion. This new motley squad – gin, tonic and garnish – will conspire in the glass to create a next level G&T. One bursting with taste and aroma.

Those looking for a more standard citrus garnish can quickly flick (we’ll come to the ease of flicking in a second) to the back of the book to gawp at our carefully constructed garnish graphs. This matches each gin up to the citrus fruit best placed to bring out its nuances and is as geeky as it is handy.

We’ve changed the book structurally as well; now it’s tabbed, so you can find what you need in a hurry for all of those SOS G&T moments. You’ll find the gins, the tonics and the garnishes in a pinch, so your A-game is mere seconds away.

We’ve also got really geeky about glassware. We can’t help ourselves! G&T drinkers, as you long standing readers will know, have moved from high ball allegiance to Copa glass fanaticism, while the use of rocks glasses has been on the rise… and each has their merits for different moods. We also cover ratios and rules of thumb to go by.  If you’re sat there wondering how such a simple drink became such a contentious issue, well… it’s all about luxury. Sure, you can go for an old-man-boozer style ice and a slice drink at the end of a long day, or you can live life like you’re in a seven star hotel and go for opulence in your glass. We know which we prefer…

A little book on gins, tonics and garnishes is on pre-order from Gin Kiosk now, at £5.50