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Gin Spin: The best news of the week. 15th March

Glendalough distillery
Koval Barrel Aged Gin News
Written by Gin Foundry

Gin Foundry takes a keen-eyed look at industry news to bring you a snapshot of the best this week has had to offer.

Warner Edwards

It’s been a smasher of a week for Northamptonshire-based Craft ginsmiths Warner Edwards Distillery, who’ve secured a £150,000 prize after taking part in HSBC’s Elevator Pitch competition.

W.E. founders Tom Warner and Sion Edwards plan to plough the money straight back into the business – investing in equipment and staff. They’re also planning to build a botanical garden next to the distillery. Of the prize, Tom said: “This is a real game-changer for our business and will enable us to turbo charge our growth plans.”

Farm folk they may be, but the duo are once again showing themselves to be shrewd businessmen, which makes us wonder if they could become the countryside’s answer to urban distillery masters Sipsmith…? With so many regional craft distilleries jostling to transcend their “local” status and breakthrough to becoming a truly national (and international) brands – it seems like Warner Edwards may just be that next big name. We’re certainly united in spirit and rooting for them.

Glendalough Distillery

The distillery has released Glendalough Wild Spring Botanical, a seasonal drink for which botanicals are distilled on the same day they’re picked. Accompanying the distilleries traditional botanicals are gorse flower, dandelion flower, sorrel and watermint, amongst others. Just 3,000 bottles of each Glendalough Seasonal Gin are produced.

Seasonal gins appear to be a growing trend within their own right – Rock Rose released a Spring edition this year while 58 Distillery is planning his range of seasonals due out soon. Even we’ve got in on the action, teaming up with the Oliver Conquest in London to create a limited edition Spring Gin, based on their bespoke OC Gin. Looks like those Gin Annual predictions are coming through!


The Koval Distillery has released a follow up to last year’s Dry Gin debut, adding a spiced oak flavour to their juniper, rosehip, angelica and coriander recipe by ageing the drink in one of their whiskey barrels.

The Illinois based distillery, then, looks poised to expand – especially now they’ve secured UK distribution via Emporia Brands. This is exciting news for UK gin fans – with more and more Chicago-based brands winding their way to UK shores, we can’t help but expect the innovative, ever-changing and effortlessly cool Chicago cocktail culture to follow.

Just the tonic…

In other Gin news – and in what can only be described as very, very good news for us all here – a Coventry resident has reached her 107th Birthday, revealing to The Coventry Observer that her secret elixir is a “gin and tonic.” Bottoms up!