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Gin Foundry at Tales of the Cocktail 2016

Gin Foundry
Tales of the Cocktail Bartender Challenge
Written by Gin Foundry

Gin Foundry co-founders Olivier and Emile Ward will be bringing their own brand of Gin uber-geekery to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans this July.

Delivering a seminar in Bespoke Gin & Collaborative Distilling, the brothers Ward – joined by Four Pillars Distillery founder and distiller Cameron MacKenzie – will discuss the rising popularity of custom-made gins, distillery collaborations and the ‘Gypsy Distilling’ culture, which is slowly gaining traction within the Gin industry.

During a 12 sample gin tasting, attendees will find out what’s behind this trend of bespoke gin making, who is leading the way, what has been made so far and where it’s all heading. The talk will deliver insight into the impact that bespoke gins can have on customer retention from a bar’s perspective, how this works for the distiller and what the pitfalls are, VS the potential gains for all parties involved. From maker to bartender, the seminar will also provide valuable instructions on how best to form a partnership.

Separate to this masterclass yet keeping in the spirit of collaboration, we’ve called upon bartenders Tristan Stephenson and Ryan Chetiyawardana to create a Tales of the Cocktail exclusive gin set based on a concept of a “Bartender’s Gin Challenge”.

To make the two gins in this pack, we have asked Tristan and Ryan to help us create their perfect gins for a specific type of Martini. Working collaboratively to bring both of their ideas to life, the resulting spirits are – in our opinion – heading towards making two very different interpretations of what to look for in a gin when making a Martini. Both look set to be particularly fantastic gins whatever the cocktail to be honest… We can’t say too much yet, we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

By setting this challenge, we wanted to demonstrate the diversity possible in the Gin category and to show that there is always a debate to be had when it comes to what constitutes an ideal gin for any given cocktail. That’s before one considers what the right way to make a drink even is, assuming everyone agrees on the spirits!

In this instance, making a gin that is perfect for a Martini will need to consider if it is being shaken, stirred or thrown. If there is an olive or a twist. If it is served wet or dry? Every method has its merits and every mixer, maker and recipe has an ideal gin that could be used. This ideal serve will be articulated alongside the gin in the custom made packaging.

The aim of this twin gin pack is not to find the definitive answer either – but to ask two award-winning bartenders, authors and cocktail connoisseurs just what their take on an “ideal gin for…” might be, in order to provoke further conversation.

There are endless opportunities for variations and the differing interpretations are exactly what make the drinks industry the most exciting in the world. We all love the fact that no two bars are the same, no two bartenders make drinks identically and that this is precisely what makes them special. Individuality, idiosyncrasies and ephemeral moments are why going to bars is always something to look forward to. Hopefully, this pack reflects this and celebrates what Tales of The Cocktail as an event is all about – a melting pot of ideas, personalities and camaraderie, all brought together by a love of good spirits.

Tales of the Cocktail 2016 takes place from the 19th – 24th July 2016 in New Orleans, LA, and tickets (if they haven’t sold out already!) to our Bespoke Gin & Collaborative Distilling seminar, are on sale HERE.

Tales of the Cocktail