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Gin Annual

Written by Gin Foundry

Late last year, we thought we’d indulge in a short retrospective of 2014 and attempt to write a few words on distilleries, distillers and the world of gin as we saw it.

The aim? To put together a beautiful book and send it, for free, to anyone who had loyally signed up to the Gin Foundry newsletter and completed their postal address and birth date. Yes, that pop up reminder may be annoying but there are many perks to getting those emails and to opening them! In this case, 42 pages worth of gin related goodness…

While we love all things digital and thought about creating special content for a “members only” club, it’s not the same as having a textured book filled with captivating content and rich images. There’s something to be said about actually holding a book and something irreplaceable about the experience of sitting down and reading it, in your own time and away from the plasma glare of a screen. Call us old fashioned, but there is a certain charm to reading a hardback too.

We soon realised when looking for a historical reference point on what to base the initial design on, that this may well be the first dedicated Gin Annual to ever be printed. Given it was a task we were more than a little daunted by to begin with, the idea that we were setting the marker down as a “first” or even as the “only” Gin Annual, meant the project took on a new weight of anticipation and something that needed to be implemented with the due respect that such a milestone commands.

It jumped from a dozen pages to four times that and something that meant we approached ginsmiths across the globe with questions and requests for quotes in order to create the content.

The articles are unashamedly positive and while the reviews are perhaps less multifaceted than on the Gin Foundry website – it’s because the idea of an annual was to us, first and foremost a celebration of the category and not merely a compilation of reviews and articles we have written across the year.

We took it as a moment to assess the past twelve months and evaluate where certain gins stood as well as look ahead at what the future might hold for them. However, we did so in the context of a celebration and not as a score card of who’s up and who’s down.

As a result, it is not a complete overview of what happened during 2014, nor is it a comprehensive listing on all the releases of the past 12 months. It is a book dedicated to those who love the spirit, whose gins have excited us and that has been created for readers who, having received our news and followed the website throughout the year, would find the articles captivating and most of all – inspiring.

Many annuals feel like a finite and complete retrospective that draws a line bringing a year to an end. However, we wanted ours to be a milestone in an ongoing journey. There are many more unanswered questions being raised than there are finished endeavours being celebrated. There is as much content dedicated to the potential of what is yet to come as there is commentary of what has been achieved.

Having sent out hundreds of annuals to Gin Foundry fans all over the world, distributed dozens more to bar owners and weaved them into the hands of gin slingers and drinks enthusiasts who share our passion for Gin – the precious remaining few of this limited run is now available to anyone who would like a copy on our shop, HERE.

We don’t have that many left (around 30) and will not be doing a new print run. There will of course be a 2015 / 2016 edition at the end of this year where we will do a similar gift send out, so please – update your full name, postal details and birth date and keep an eye out for our name in your inbox every fortnight or so.

Happy reading all and here’s to another gin fueled year!