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Experiential zones at Junipalooza

Written by Gin Foundry

We’re thrilled to announce that not one, but FOUR experiential rooms will be happening at Junipalooza this year. These not-so-micro experiences will each take place in their own chambers within the Tobacco Dock vaults, giving brands the chance to create some truly immersive environments.

The aim? We want to to bring the identity behind gin and tonic brands to life. Showcasing the spirit of the maker as well as the spirit they have made is what sets Junipalooza apart. It’s the reason distillers and brand owners travel to be there in person and its the reason why you, the discerning drinker, snap up those Super-Early Bird tickets nine months in advance. These rooms will allow that ethos to explode; you’ll literally be able to step inside their world and understand why it is they do what they do.

Some of these brand experiences will be a drop in affair, while others have masterclasses and once in a lifetime activities that will require booking ahead on the day (take a look at our Junipalooza Map here to find our where the experiential rooms are).  Make a note of the following to ensure you get in the thick of the action…

Caorunn Gin

Caorunn will be making the most of their Scottish heritage by recreating an original Highland Bothy at Junipalooza. You can settle in for some masterclasses, led by their distiller Simon, or head straight to the tasting trolly to get to grips with their delicious quintet of Celtic botanicals.

Most excitingly of all, they’ve build a copper tree, replete with apples. Each apple contains the name of a Caorunn Cocktail, so once you pluck yours from the tree, you’ll be able to take it to the bar to get involved with some interactive cocktail making (and sipping, too, of course).

Head to their mini-lounge a cosy little pit stop, get involved in the highland games and try the gin in all of its forms; you’ll soon understand why Caorunn is Scotland’s best-selling gin.

P.S. kilts are optional, but wouldn’t half look the part.

Copperhead, The Gibson Edition

Say hello to Copperhead Gin’s Gibson Edition – a new category of savoury gin.  With a hint of spice and umami intensity, it complements the classic Gibson martini and its delightfully strange pickled onion garnish. The gin is a collaboration between The Gibson Bar’s Marian Beke and Copperhead in Belgium, with the five original botanicals  (juniper, coriander seed, cardamom, angelica, and orange peel) joined by 14 pickling spices.

They have brought back this partnership for Junipalooza, re-creating a pop-up version of the stylish London Bar, along with the signature serves made with the gin. Not content with just having a bar, the team will also have their tasty trio of gins served on a trolley for those looking for a sample and also, they will be hosting first-come-first-seated masterclasses covering content such as the iconic Gibson cocktail and the partnership between the distillery and the bar. Taste the gins, try a cocktail and here from some of the world’s most famous barkeeps and how they approach collaborations – you know where to find us…

Warner Edwards LIVE Distillation

Have you ever seen gin being made in front of you, or tasted the spirit straight off the still? Well, here’s your chance. The Warner Edwards team have packed up their beautiful baby still,  Satisfaction, and will be installing it at Junipalooza. It’ll be the ultimate distilling masterclass, AND you’ll be able to see your gin bottled there and then.

No other Gin show, drinks festival or booze based event has ever done this so you’ll be the first of the first of the first of the first, from tasting through to bottling. With the still on one side, Warner Edwards will also have a bar sampling their full range so you can try your way through the Harrington based distillery’s array of flavours and styles. Please note, however, that the masterclasses (wherein guests can bottle the gin being made and get their full super-gin-nerd on) will need to be booked ahead. More on how in the weeks to follow…

The masterclasses will be hosted by Warner Edward’s Master Distiller Jeremy. They’ll be just under 30 minutes long and held in intimate groups. The masterclasses will cover what is being distilled in all its geektastic glory. You’ll get to taste spirit in it’s various stages, from heads, hearts and tails and to finish, you will be able to bottle your own 20cl Junipalooza Gin to add to an already laden W.E goody bag… all for £15!

Fair warning, Awesomeness meets intimate group means these WILL sell out. Stay tuned for how to make sure your name is on the team sheet.

Perfect Pairings & The Fever-Tree Gin School

Fever-Tree, as THE pioneering brand behind craft tonic, knows a thing or two about the G&T. The team understand pairings better than anyone else and have an inherent understanding of what flavours match up. Rather conveniently then… that you can head to their Perfect Pairings G&T Bar to understand a little about the flavours your enjoy!

You’ll get to pick a garnish and they’ll find you not only a gin to suit, but the right tonic that will elevate into the stratosphere in what is set to be a reverse Gin And Tonic pairing tutorial… So often we look to the gin first, but sometimes, preferences are based on a favourite garnish, or the fact that you like a certain type of tonic water – and there’s no reason that they can’t be the start point for a perfect serve.

You’ll also be able to go one step further too, and enrol at the Fever-Tree Gin School! There you’ll learn two very important lessons: which gin best pleases your palate, and which Fever-Tree mixer brings that gin to life. As a member of the Class of 2018 you’ll be invited to channel your inner ginsmith and blend a liquid that’s totally unique and utterly delicious to you. You’ll then be allowed to take it home, making the small matter of homework a lot more fun too…

If you haven’t managed to get hold of your tickets yet, don’t miss out. There are less than 20 left for the Saturday evening session before it’s sold out…

Less than 6 weeks to go… Happy Junipalooza folks.