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Experiential Rooms at Junipalooza

Citadelle exp
Franklin exp
Bramley Exp
Written by Gin Foundry

We’re pleased to finally reveal more about this year’s Experiential rooms at Junipalooza. The idea is simple – an immersive environment built by a fantastic distillery to delve into subjects that are central to them. Each experience needs to be booked separately to the show ticket and all have different lengths, so take a look at the details for times, what’s going on and what you take away.

Here’s what they have lined up…

Warner’s Gin

Join founder Tom Warner and the Warner’s Distillery team for the ultimate fresh distilling Masterclass, where they will be distilling their Lemon Balm Gin live. They will discuss their use of lemon verbena and lemon thyme, which will be freshly harvested for the masterclass and explain the differences between dry vs fresh and the flavour impact each can make in a one of a kind deconstruction.

Anyone who saw their lavish set up last knows how special this experience is, and anyone who has ever met the team will know just how impassioned they are – a truly inspiring half hour!


Citadelle Gin

Creator Alexandre Gabriel is heading up this masterclass, in which he’ll talk you through Citadelle’s unique, patented ‘progressive infusion’ method. During the 30 minute class you’ll learn all about how he and the Citadelle team have fostered the perfect flavour environment for all three cornerstones of Citadelle gin – juniper, citrus and spice.

A unique insight into the process that goes into making world class gin aside, this is a chance to get to know the distiller’s distiller, a man widely recognised as a visionary in the field of craft distilling and a true pioneer. His was the first craft gin in Europe, the first widely distributed cask aged gin (not close either – but years ahead of anyone else). This is a rare chance to see the grand master at work…


Franklin & Sons

For this masterclass, join Franklin & Sons to discover your perfect serve in their Flavour Discovery Maze! As you explore the maze, you’ll learn why every single element in a G&T counts towards perfection, from the mixer, to the spirit, garnish and the glass it is served in.

After hand picking your ingredients, a handful of industry experts will be on hand to help you create your perfect G&T at the bar, as well as setting you up to recreate your ideal serve at home.

With a fascinatingly diverse range, there will be lots to uncover, sip and explore!


6 O’Clock Gin

Learn about the world’s longest-aged, commercially released sloe gin in this fascinating masterclass as we invite you to step in to the mind of 6 O’clock’s master distiller, Edward Bramley Kain.

Edward has been perfecting his sloe gin recipe for over 30 years, a claim few can make, and December 2018 saw the release of his latest creation, 6 O’clock Five Year Aged Sloe Gin. During this experience you will sample Sloe Gin at different stages of the ageing process, before having the chance to make your own, using your new found understanding of the art and craft of creating the perfect fruit gin.

Super geeky, super fun – you’ll never look at making your own fruit infusions in the same way again!


And a semi-secret room…

Bareksten Botanical Gin’s Norwegian Forrest. That’s all we’re saying for now, but if those words don’t have you rubbing your greedy little hands with glee, nothing will…