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Dodd’s Gin

Written by Gin Foundry

The London Distillery Company has announced its latest collaboration with luxury retailer Fortnum & Mason to create a limited edition Dodd’s Gin, commemorating two years since the launch of the inaugural batch of their flagship gin.

Launched in-store on Friday 10th April 2015, no more than 300 bottles are available. The 2015 edition follows on from last years Limited Edition and the London Distillery Company‘s re-brand and re-development of Fortnum’s London Dry Gin. This year’s inspiration for the Limited Edition run explores the impact of barrel ageing on gin, a trend that is increasing across the category as more and more Ginsmiths release aged versions of their gins.

This exclusive Dodd’s Gin Limited Edition is aged in small whisky casks sourced from Kings County Distillery in New York. More than simply an on-trend release, the barrel aged variant is a timely nod to the ever approaching moment when the London based distillery releases its first batch of whisky (they became London’s first whisky distillery in over a century in 2014). To create the gin, the team used eight 20 ltr ex-bourbon barrels from Kings County Distillery. As they each aged at different rates and with a little evaporation too, they blended a mix of casks ranging from a barrel which had been ageing from 45days, with four others aged 30 days, two that were 19 days old and and a cask containing gin aged for 14 days. For the super geeks… (or just us!) the wood was a medium char American oak barrel from Missouri coopers Black Swan.

Although we haven’t tasted it ourselves yet, we are told that Dodd’s Gin enthusiasts will still recognise the main elements of the flagship gin, but can also expect additions of vanilla and wood to emerge on the palate. The Limited Edition isn’t a new recipe as they done have in the past, it is the original Dodd’s Gin, just aged.

If you are anything like us, this may well make for a more interesting release as anyone who has tasted the original gin will know, it works particularly well in a Martini and the wood may just accentuate that full mouthfeel. Dodd’s Gin Fortnum’s Limited Edition is non-chill filtered, bottled at cask strength 50.3% ABV.

Available exclusively from retailer Fortnum & Mason from 10th April 2015, Dodd’s Gin, Fortnum’s Limited Edition 2015 will be featuring as Spirit of the Month at £39.50 (for 50cl). The original Dodd’s Gin is available for £31.62 HERE.

Dodd's Gin special edition