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The German Gin Scene

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Written by Gin Foundry

You’ve perused the UK Gin Map and taken a virtual tour of the Australian Distillery scene, so now it’s time to trek a little step into Europe with our Spotlight Map on Gin producers in Germany.

Before you fire off an enraged email about your missing favourites, the clue is in the title here. There are so very many distilleries in Germany (we estimate around 1500/2000 that have made a gin, never mind the rest, though we believe there to be over 10,000+ active distillers within the country and over 20,000 licensed stills) that if we were to create a map that housed them all we’d cause a global pixel shortage. We simply cannot make a drawing big enough, so rather than featuring them all, we’re looking at those that highlight the diversity within the flourishing German Gin scene.

Our hot take on the matter is that German Gin is horribly overlooked. It barely makes a splash on these here shores (Monkey 47 and Ferdinand Saar aside, how many can you name off the top of your head?), but it’s a region so vibrant with creativity and bold with flavours that the products spilling forth are well worth your attention.

The branding work coming out of the country is top notch, too. Just one look at the Gin Sul and Niemand Dry Gin bottles shows that this is a region at the top of its game, so as far as we’re concerned, there’s not going to be a better time to delve in.

We’ve listed the gins being produced in each named distillery to make things that little bit easier for you, but the chances of you having heard of many of these if you’re based outside of Germany is pretty slim, we’d wager. Basically: take note. If it’s rare, new, strange or brilliant that you seek, seek it in Germany and if you are planning a tour of the Christmas markets, or going off for a city break – have a look for your local and see if you can go for a tour around.

Of course, this isn’t all we’re doing to showcase the buzzing German Gin scene… We’re taking our festival, Junipalooza, to Hamburg on the 21st and 22nd September, with both local and international makers heading on down to the Fish Auction Hall to taste their way through a range of gins and mixers.

If you fancy meeting a handful of the featured brands, get your tickets today!

Download the Spotlight German Distillery Map HERE.