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Botanical Odyssey of Gin

Written by Gin Foundry

As many of you will have seen, a few weeks ago we launched our Botanical Odyssey of Gin tasting set. With the second batch about to make its way onto our sister site, Gin Kiosk, we’ve taken a moment to explain a little more about what it is all about.

Gin is not just defined by resinous and piney juniper, but all of its ingredients working harmoniously together. While the law dictates that to be called Gin, a spirit must predominantly taste of juniper, there are dozens of other botanicals that make up this layered and complex spirit.

Historically, it’s possible to trace many of the botanicals in Gin through the Dutch and British Navy’s routes around the world. As demand grew to consume exotic and mystical ingredients brought back from these voyages – many found their way into cuisine as well as liqueurs and spirits, especially gin.

Today, with transport and availability no longer an issue, Gin makers source their botanicals from across the globe, however there is also a renewed interest in the hyper local with many craft distilleries focusing on regional produce that is specific to their provenance and gives them a unique, local accent.

This pack is a celebration of botanicals, presented through gins that embody the major flavour areas. Each pack contains four different gins in 20cl ceramic bottles, as well as a 24-page booklet explaining the history behind some of gin’s complex botanicals and what they add to the overall ensemble.

Every gin included in the pack has been created as a celebration of a particular set of flavours: Citrus, Floral, Herbal and Spiced. Whilst juniper centers all the gins, each will allow you to explore gin’s four most common flavour areas in full epicurean detail.

The Citrus is fresh and zesty whereas the Spiced has a deep, warming heat. The Herbal is verdant and complex while the Floral is perfumed and elegant.

The aim of the Botanical Odyssey of Gin pack is not to sell you the merits of four individual gins, but to help you find which type botanicals you prefer most. It is as much a set for the adventurous and the discerning to uncover more about what constitutes the flavour of gin as it is for beginners looking to gain an overview on this most unique of spirits.

In the accompanying booklet you will also find suggestions for other commercially available gins that are similar to styles found in the pack so that once you have discovered a favourite flavour area, you have a few hints as to what else might be best suited to you.

For the second batch, we’ve developed the taste of each gin to exaggerate certain botanicals further, while also finding ways to better integrate the juniper core into each, delivering a better flavour journey.

The Botanical Odyssey of Gin is a perfect gift for someone looking for some GINspiration, or as a little treat for yourself if you are intrigued to discover more about the array of flavours in Gin. To see more – click here.