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BLOOM Strawberry Cup

Written by Gin Foundry

BLOOM London Dry Gin has launched its first Summer Limited Edition gin liquor, BLOOM Strawberry Cup. To do so, Master Distiller Joanne Moore has created a new version of her floral BLOOM Gin by steeping fresh English strawberries in BLOOM London Dry Gin. The release joins the limited edition Sloe BLOOM Gin as an extension to the range and is inspired by the floral gin’s signature G&T serve with quartered strawberries.

The signature serve of BLOOM Strawberry Cup and lemonade, mixed as a long drink, is intended as an alternative to other fruit cups on the market. Once the preserve of a single brand, the Fruit Cup category has seen Pimms being challenged by Sipsmith, Chase, Waitrose (working with Heston Blumenthal) amongst others, with more gin makers also looking to release their own in the next fortnight.

With its rich ruby red colour and heavy strawberry aroma – there’s no doubting what’s in the bottle. On tasting it though, we felt that it wasn’t quite as refreshing as serving BLOOM and Tonic with a strawberry garnish given the flavours felt slightly artificial and lacked all the depth that BLOOM Gin offers with a mixer. That said, the reduced ABV (the Summer Cup is at 28% ABV in comparison to BLOOM Gin at 40% ABV) will certainly help those seeking a lighter tipple during those long weekends.

Ironically given we categorise ourselves as some of those who seek out lighter serves in the Summer, we found it worked at its best when used in addition to a shot of BLOOM Gin, served with other berries as a garnish or even with sparkling wine… So Wimbledon matches and boozy Sundays it is then folks!

Contrary to Sipsmith’s Summer Cup and Pimms – BLOOM Strawberry Cup feels a little narrow. The flavours of the gin underpin the Strawberry Cup and BLOOM’s signature softer characteristics are present in the background. However the additional infusion feels as if it’s just strawberries as opposed to a multitude of different botanicals, evident in other Fruit Cups on the market (citrus, mint, berries etc..) – leaving it a little one dimensional in a comparative Fruit Cup tasting.

It’s not bad by any means, just singular in its flavour profile and we’d still recommend it if strawberries are the flavour you are searching for. We’re not sure if it’s quite ready to replace Pimms just yet. This, in many ways, makes their choice of words quite apt: it’s intended as an alternative – not a replacement.

Gin Foundry’s ideal serve:

15ml BLOOM Strawberry Cup

40ml BLOOM Gin

150ml Tonic water

According to drinks trade site Just Drinks, when asked how the product was “limited”, a company spokesperson said it has “produced a limited amount with only one production run for the Summer this year”. So if it sounds like the kind of drink you’re going to enjoy – you’d best get down to the shops fast!

BLOOM Strawberry Cup is available in 500ml bottles for an RRP of £17.99 in specialist liquor shops.