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Ginvent Tasting event: An Evening With…

Ginvent Calendar 2016. Gin Advent
Negroni served up
Ginvent Calendar 2016. Gin Advent
Ginvent 2016 MARTINI
Written by Gin Foundry


Put your Christmas hosting panics aside for an evening and prepare to be treated like the princes and princesses you are. Enter our winter wonderland for two hours of boozing, tree-gazing and festive joy as three of the gins taking part in Ginvent battle it out to create cocktails of a gold, frankincense and myrrh standard.

You’ll be welcomed in with a Ginvent G&T, made using our very own Ginvent Gin. Deliberately kitsch, the gin is a chocolate laced, juniper heavy treat with a rich berry undercurrent. Topped up with tonic, Ginvent Gin enters a very sweet space, although a star anise garnish pulls it back from going too far in any one direction.

Vinyl Factory is a beautiful space, so walk the room, circle the tree, chat to other gin geeks and embrace the Mariah tunes as you eagerly await the cocktails. Each will be prefaced with a small introduction from the team behind the gin you’re about to consume, who’ll tell you their story and why they chose the mix you’re about to drink.

Each two-hour An Evening With… session will run as follows:


You’ll be greeted with a welcome G&T and let loose to roam. The bar and shop are open, so grab some stocking-fillers whilst supping on one of 24-differnet G&T combinations.


We’ll introduce the theme of the evening, joined by our first host. The first of the evenings festive cocktails will come out as the host talks you through its composite parts, albeit briefly (it’s a cocktail soiree, not a masterclass!)… This is about you and your friends getting the chance to soak up the festive atmosphere whilst sipping on cocktails, afterall.


The second host, the second cocktail… by now, your head should be nodding along to the endless Christmas tunes.


Here’s your third and final host, with your third and final drink. Soak up the gin facts, then throw any remaining bah humbugs out of the window and belt out some carols. It’s Christmas!


You’ve got forty minutes to visit the bar, befriend your fellow gin geeks and do some last minute Christmas shopping.

See you down there!

The Ginvent Pop-Up is proudly sponsored by:
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