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A Butterfly emerges!

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Written by Gin Foundry

We’re pleased and proud to welcome you to the new Gin Foundry website, which has been evolved to fit our ever growing range of projects and expansive source of gin information.

When we first started writing about Gin there were only three other websites dedicated to the spirit. Today we have gin enthusiasts at every turn and in every country. Gin kin have emerged from the shadows, and with them have come a tidal wave of new distilleries, producing new versions of our favourite spirit.

An abundance of new gins have materialised over the recent years, so much so that it’s been impossible to keep up.

Back in 2009, we did a quick count up of gins on the market and after some back of a napkin maths (OK, Negroni was involved but we stand by our calculus), we realised that if we wrote two gin reviews a week, we would have covered the entire category in less than two years. At that rate, after three years we would have written more than any other book on the topic. Incidentally, there were only two of those around back then.

Best laid plans, eh? We stuck to our two gins a week diet, but such was the growth of the industry that we were easily leapfrogged by the makers and now receive review requests for at least half a dozen new gins per week – this on top of the news, cocktails, events and insight we also love to write up. The world is awash with gin, and our little repository of Gin-fo has become a behemoth; a go-to for those who share our juniper laced obsession.

When we first started out we had no idea how big the gin boom would be. The category has positively exploded in the years we’ve been on the front line and is now, in our opinion, the most exciting category in the spirits industry.

With the growth of Gin has come the growth of Gin Foundry; our readership levels are bigger than we could ever have predicted and we’ve been lucky enough to take on projects that fulfil our central mission: to celebrate the category and help gin drinkers find their perfect tipple.

One of our proudest accomplishments is Junipalooza, a yearly festival in which thousands of gin fans congregate to meet master distillers, learn more about the industry and, of course, try lots of new gins. Seeing so many makers, from far and wide, brought together at Junipalooza always provides us with an incredible sense of pride.

We also make Ginvent calendars, which have become globally known as both a snapshot of the category and an exciting way to try the very latest gins. Moreover, our yearly Ginfographic continues to provide free insight into the category and our Gin Annual can be found as far afield as Australia, South Africa and the United States. We’ve also teamed up with key industry players, creating a little book of G&T’s for Fever-Tree which is flying off shelves faster than Amazon can stock it.

Another project we’re working on is our Atlas programme, in which we look to bring new and lesser-known gins we love to the attention of gin enthusiasts and trade alike, by hosting tasting sessions and participating in trade events such as Imbibe Live.

2016 will see us launch the inaugural Ginsmith Awards, where we’ll throw our hat into the ring to create an award made by and dedicated to gin fans. Our aim is to create a system that celebrates how a gin is made, who makes it and how it tastes all in one go to provide a proper assessment of the quality of a gin, rather than a token medal for what it tasted like on a specific day, neat and out of context.

This new website gives all of these projects a home within Gin Foundry. It will enable us to provide better information for those interested in Ginvent, further insight for the Ginfographic and more news about Junipalooza (both the London and Melbourne editions). Most importantly, it will help us place lesser-known gins on the map while also giving better insight into why the bigger names should be valued – from heritage to production.

Talking of maps, we’ve launched an interactive Distillery Map, helping you to locate gin makers all over the world. (It’s only getting started so if we’ve missed one you know of, please get in touch and we’ll be sure to add it in!) We’ve also spruced up our Cocktails and Botanicals sections and created an Insight area within Features, which will provide a professional look at the category, from history to commentary on hot topics.

As well as all this, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our little team to better enable us to cover breaking news, as well as our usual cocktail articles, reviews and interviews on a more regular basis.

While this first step into a new chapter has us all excited about what the future holds, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our regular readers and all those in the trade who have supported getting us to this stage.

It’s a daily privilege to be writing about Gin and talking about impassioned makers and their captivating spirits. We hope you continue this journey with us, and we look forward to many more years working within this amazing community.

Lastly, don’t forget to say hello on social media too, we love sharing what we are up to and it’s always the best way to find out about the very latest from us here. Cheers!

Twitter: @GinFoundry Instagram: @GinFoundry

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