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Summer Fruit Punch

Smashed Berry Summer Punch
Smashed Berry Summer Punch
Written by Gin Foundry

There ain’t no party like a getting tipsy in the garden and howling at the moon kind of party, and while beer and wine is plenty fine, a big fat bowl of Summer Fruit Punch is much better and will see you right through from afternoon to evening…

This Summer Fruit Punch is a bright, light summer drink, with seasonal fruits and ice cold juice providing a sweet/tart taste and a supremely refreshing vitamin burst. We wanted to create a drink that perfectly encapsulated the red bit of an ice lolly and those oh-so-elusive purple fruit sweets – something rich and lovely, the bit you save until last. We also wanted to go (relatively) low ABV, though it goes without saying that you can tweak the amount of gin used to your desire.

How to Make a Smashed Berry Summer Punch:

500mlGin (we recommend Helsinki or Monkey 47)

Red fruit Puree (see instructions below)

150ml Lemon Juice

1.5ltr cranberry juice


400g strawberries

200g Raspberries

150g blueberries

To make the puree, take half of the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Chop/bruise these and add them to a bowl (not your punch bowl!), then mash them up with a muddler. Pour the gin in, stir, then cover and leave for a good couple of hours. Once the gin has infused, strain it through a sieve and into the punch bowl along with a good couple of pints of ice. Stir in the cranberry and lemon juice, then float the rest of the berries on top.

A Brief, Inebriated History:

We took our initial inspiration from the Basil Smash for this one and looked to replace the basil for red berries, and as things tend to do when playing with cocktail serves things went from there… We love the idea of getting hold of a farm’s worth of ripe berries and beating them to a pulp before adding in a whole vat of gin to infuse. Yes, it does require a little prepping ahead, but the end result is more than worth it. We steered clear of using sugar syrup in this one as cranberry juice tends to be very sweet and conversely, stuck to fruits to keep it simple and easy to make. For those who want more depth, you can also add some spice (like cracked cubeb berries) to the initial infusion which will add an extra dimension to go behind the huge fruit delivery. Don’t be shy to play around in order to make it perfect for you!

Anyway, there’s no history to speak of, just a whimsical take on a summer serve. To read our take on a Gin Punch click here, and to learn about the Basil Smash click here.

Summer Punch