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Tanqueray Gins

Tanqueray Gin
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Tanqueray No TEN
Tanqueray Gins
Tanqueray Gin Tanqueray 10 Tanqueray Malacca Tanqueray Rangpur
Tanqueray Gin Tanqueray 10 Tanqueray Malacca Tanqueray Rangpur 2
Written by Gin Foundry

To accompany their classic, universally respected Tanqueray London Dry, the Tanqueray portfolio also includes other variations and gins…

Tanqueray No. TEN

Launched in 2000, Tanqueray No. TEN is an exceptionally smooth and fresh tasting gin. Named after the number of the still (No. 10) in which it is made, the superior taste is the result of its ingredients. These include whole fruit botanicals such as fresh white grapefruits from Florida, whole limes from Mexico along with juniper, coriander and chamomile (there are also other botanicals).

Tanqueray No. TEN is handcrafted in small batches using their unique quadruple distillation process, with the heart of the gin created in the affectionately named ‘Tiny Ten’ still. Using fresh, whole citrus fruits during the process it greatly adds to the depth of character inherent in Tanqueray No. TEN Gin. Indisputably a step up in class, the gin is smoother than Tanqueray’s classic offering. The gin has a full-bodied grapefruit and citrus hit to it and comes highly recommended by many bartenders as the perfect choice of gin to create Martinis. There’s still plenty of juniper in the mix as well as a lovely floral note on the nose, but the smooth citrus finish and the relatively high strength (47.3% ABV) is what makes this gin one of the very best on the market.

Although Tanqueray No. TEN has won numerous awards since its launch, in 2003 it had unprecedented wins as ‘Best White Spirit’ three times in a row at the San Francisco World Spirits competition, leading to the creation of the ‘Hall of Fame’. To many it remains one of the most respected gins available on the market, with a unique offering of both subtlety and a full body that just carries so well in cocktails. Liquid aside, with an eye catching bottle that allows for good shelf visibility (and that makes for a nice gift given it looks impressive) as well as global PR campaigns hero’ing the world’s best bartenders and their ever more creative concoctions, the brand is set to continue cementing it’s place as a leader in the premium gin category.

Tanqueray Rangpur

The first thing to note about Tanqueray Rangpur is that it is not a lime flavoured gin. We get asked this all the time in the contact section. Please, just for the record and just because we now merely send a link to this post rather than type out yet another reply, allow us to repeat this once more: Tanqueray Rangpur is not a lime flavoured gin! The lime is distilled with the other botanicals which is why the gin doesn’t have a sell by date, and is why the contents are not actually green. Apologies if this is obvious to most but apparently, there was some confusion out there.

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is balanced and decisively zesty, the citrus shines through in a more subtle way than if it would have been ungraciously infused into the mix after, as just to be super clear – along with the juniper it has been distilled. The Rangpur lime is an unusual botanical and worthy of us sharing some trivia… The word “rangpur” allegedly originated in the Bengali language. Rangpur limes are also known as Canton lemons in South China, hime lemons in Japan, cravo lemons in Brazil, and mandarin-limes in the United States. Yep, tell that to the barkeep next time you’re waiting for the G&T’s to be made. Actually, please don’t.

Back to the point: Rangpur limes are not like other limes in that, much like bergamot they combine various citrus elements for their own distinct personality. They have the zestiness and acidity one might expect but somehow, are way juicier. The result is that when distilled by the Tanqueray team alongside a proprietary blend of other classic gin botanicals, the result is a crisp gin with punchy juniper and sharp lime. We’re not the biggest advocates here at Gin Foundry, mainly as we can’t really see why it’s been made, nor what you would drink it in. It’s not a bad gin by any stretch of the imagination but it feels like a folly at the base of the Tanqueray estate; some will admire its unusual particularities, others will call the landlord crazy for keeping such an eyesore. Try it out to see which side you stand on!

Tanqueray Malacca

Tanqueray Malacca is best described as a sweetened version of  Tanqueray Gin with notes of liquorice and grapefruit both prominent alongside a full piney juniper. Based on an old Charles Tanqueray recipe from the 1830’s when Malacca was first brought back in the 1990’s. It was considered a good alternative for Old Tom Gin, mainly because there were no Old Tom‘s around back then, but also because it worked fantastically well in cocktails that required a sweeter style of gin. Thankfully for gins fans world wide, in 2013 Tanqueray re-released another version of it as a limited edition run. It’s worth noting that neither the bottle label nor anyone at Tanqueray describe it as an Old Tom Gin – although to the untrained nose and palate, it certainly tastes like one.

The juniper is more subdued in Malacca compared to Tanqueray Dry Gin, making way for a beautiful balance of spice, sweetness and a twang of grapefruit. At the time of writing it remains a limited run that is progressively harder and harder to obtain and there are no signs of extending the production run into another batch.

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