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bloom gin cocktail
bloom joanne moore
bloom gin
Written by Gin Foundry

Bloom is a premium London Dry Gin from Greenall’s distillery portfolio. Infused with botanicals such as chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo, the gin captures the uplifting sense of spring gardens.

With a history dating back to 1761, G&J Greenall has evolved from its beginnings as a cottage industry to become Britain’s second largest distillery. Today, the company produces 7mn cases of spirit annually, boasting a world-class reputation for expertise and craftsmanship. This heritage, expertise and understanding was harnessed by head distiller, Joanne Moore (still one of the few female master distillers in the world) when creating Bloom Gin. The gin is triple distilled and uses demineralised fresh spring water to reduce the spirit to a final bottling of 40% ABV.

When it launched, Bloom Gin was representative not only of a shift in how the spirit was being considered (with more brands focusing on less juniper dominant flavour profiles, especially in America) but also the increased demand there was for more modern and fresh interpretations of how gin could be presented.

Given the opportunity to invent a unique gin, Moore has created a balanced, well rounded and considered product that would appeal to many drinkers – not just gin fans. Bloom Gin is yet another example of a genuinely good product that clearly shows that having faith in your master distiller and allowing them the freedom to create new products pays off (much like Desmond Payne with Beefeater 24, Tom Nichol and Tanqueray No. 10).

Bloom Gin to taste…

The selection of chamomile, pomelo and honeysuckle create a delicate floral balance in Bloom Gin. The orangey notes from the pomelo bring a lightness and freshness to the flavour, whilst the honeysuckle provides a rich smoothness and the chamomile adds a gentle floral softness to the gin. The use of juniper, angelica, coriander, cubeb berries round the gin and help keep it in the style of a London Dry.

Moore, both as a gin fan and distiller, is very aware of the line at which point a gin is no longer recognisable as such – Bloom may have a distinct citrus and floral mix, but is is also distinctly recognisable as gin with a clear juniper presence and is not one of those gins that have run away from their heritage. It may not be a traditional gin and is probably more suited for palettes that appreciate sweeter, more floral flavours, but it is unmistakably gin. We would recommend pouring it with soda water rather than tonic, as this really allows the flavours to sing in your glass and makes for a lovely Summer drink. Incidentally, the recommended signature G&T garnish of strawberries also works well.

Distiller Joanne Moore comments: “The honeysuckle in Bloom provides natural sweetness and warms up the chamomile, while the pomelo offers a soft sun-drenched citrus note to perfectly balance the gin, rounding out Bloom. I always loved the smell and soothing qualities of chamomile and knew it would complement the traditional notes of a good quality gin.  I draw inspiration from my daily life – relaxing with chamomile tea and envisaging an English country garden. I hope white spirit lovers around the world will enjoy Bloom Gin and its natural aromas and flavours.”

One look at the feminine, Victorian green jewel-cut glass bottle and the target demographic is clearly identified as female, something which the floral flavour profile reflects. On paper, this strategy makes sense, however, like we commented on when reviewing Berkeley Square Gin (also part of the Greenall’s portfolio), gender targeting is quite often hit and miss, usually ending up quite restrictive for long term growth. We tend to find that it alienates many consumers as the male demographic feels totally left out, whilst many in their desired female audience would feel a little they had been reduced to a cliché. The gin outshines the presentation and the sometimes clunky PR – although to be fair, going into 2016 the team are aware of this and have made huge strides to rebalance the equation.

It is unlikely that mass consumption is the aim for this brand, yet Bloom Gin has already grown a loyal following and has flourished in bars and gin cabinets alike. The drinks distinct flavour profile makes for interesting opportunities when creating cocktails and with a brand ambassador team tirelessly working away, Bloom Gin looks set to continue its meteoric rise.


For more information about Bloom Gin, visit their website: www.bloomgin.com

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