Ginvent 2013

It feels like just yesterday that we wrapped up last year’s festive celebrations. We’ve been known to keep going well past January, but still things seem to have moved fast this year!

Perhaps it’s because we’ve spent most of it plotting and scheming upcoming projects for Gin Foundry, perhaps it’s because time flies when you’re having fun (…and drinking too much gin!). Regardless, the arrival of December means the arrival of Ginvent and we can’t wait!

Having featured in all of the UK broadsheets and presented as the must have gift on blog sites and TV shows across the world, it’s safe to say – last year Ginvent rocked. Looking ahead at what we should do if we brought it back – the pressure was certainly on for us and our partners in crime, Master of Malt, to make it better.

Where to start? How to explain it all? With a post due out that covers the contents and how to get involved, here’s a little taster to get the heart palpitating in anticipation.

When it comes to gin, more is always better.

We’re really pleased to announce that there will be two Ginvent calendars in 2013. Yep. Two calendars rammed with Juniper goodness. That’s 48 gins. The perfect amount to keep you and your loved ones pickled until the new year.

The original Ginvent will feature 24 gins that range from new US gins, a couple of craft gins from new British distilleries and a brace of juggernaught brand names. Most importantly we’ve worked hard to ensure that the line up is sufficiently different to 2012, so that those of you who bought a calendar and participated in the tastings last year won’t be disappointed.

Joining the Ginvent calendar on shelves throughout the UK  is the Craft Calendar. The title says it all, it’s all about craft gins, made by artisanal distilleries. The term craft is still a loose one in the drinks world, as there’s no accepted definition of what a “craft” spirit is. But we’ve spent a lot of time considering each gin that’s included in the line up and the result is 24 gins that highlight all of the areas that embody “craft” spirits. Always small batch, mostly privately run, huge variety in flavours and methods of distillation and all of them; treacherously  hard to get hold of.

Better packaging to help you all discover more about the contents and make it just that little bit more beautiful. PS. Stroking it is still not acceptable behaviour however. Nor tweeting us images of you doing that. That got weird. Please, spare our eyes this year…

On the back of the craft calendars there’s the Gin Foundry tasting wheel. It’s taken quite a few tasting sessions to perfect it (it was tough but someone had to do it…), but the tasting wheel carefully divides up 60 botanicals into sections. If you need a little help articulating what you are smelling, sipping or mixing in your G&T, flip the box around and start using it. It will also help you to join in the great #ginvent debate.

More ways to join live tastings throughout December.

Following the popularity of last year’s tastings (thank you to all who took part so feverishly) – Each day we’ll be doing a live Tweet tasting at 6.00pm, discussing the gins behind the door. 2 gins, 1 hour, use the #Ginvent to get involved!

We’re also going to be hosting free botanical gin tastings at the Gin Foundry HQ for those of you on our mailing list, not to mention visit the distilleries involved in the calendars and stream it live, as well as holding tastings in Selfridges and other retailers across the UK. Sign up to our newsletter for more details on this.

Finally, we’re going to give away MORE FREE GIN than ever before.

With their expansive range of gins available, their own award winning gins, their continuous need to experiment and lordy, all those crazy projects they’ve unleashed on the world this year – there are many reasons we love the Master of Malt team. They get into things. Go Crazy. They do things that don’t make sense, but get involved just because they are good fun.

Giving out a gin a day throughout November is one of these such crazy ideas. Get on Twitter, follow @MasterofMalt and @GinFoundry and wait for the madness to begin.

The calendars are on sale now.

Don’t miss out.

£99.80 – £109.80

Click here for the Ginvent Calendar 2013

Click here for the Craft Ginvent Calendar 2013


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