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Gin Foundry is the Home of Gin. It is a hub for gin fans who seek out more information about what they are drinking, who it is made by, along with news and insight and what going on in the world of Gin. Everything we do is underpinned by a simple message and a singular driving ethos – to celebrate Gin.

We aim to be the largest online compendium of factually correct and unbias information about gin. There’s someway to go that’s for certain, but we’re enjoying the journey rather than rushing to the destination!

In the name of full disclosure… like every other professional drinks site, we must point out that we do accept samples. However, this bares little relevance to what we end up writing as kindly donated for review or not, the words on this site are not paid for nor anything other than our own opinion – for better and for worse.

Every so often we go back and re-write older reviews, mainly to keep them up to date but also to ensure that as many of the things that we hear and learn along the way are reflected in the posts themselves. Gin Foundry as a resource is an evolving one so please let us know if there are any reviews you feel need revisiting in particular or if there are any topics you’d like us to cover in more detail.


Olivier Ward

As the editor of Gin Foundry, Olivier oversees all of the content published on the site. Having worked building drinks brands, tasted hundreds of gins, visited dozens of distilleries and responsible for distilling Gin Foundry’s tasting sets – Olivier has acquired a holistic view on how gin works, both in its making and in the way it is brought to market.

With features that have varied from product reviews, considered insight lead features about the category to detailed critiques, Olivier is, one article at a time, turning Gin Foundry into one of the most respected online resources about gin currently available. The next 12 months will see the site continue to grow, with a list of planned features that seem to take most of the space in his notebook, to remain the place where readers can continue to learn about how, where and what gin is all about.

Olivier also has his Level 2 Award in Spirits from the WSET which he passed with Honours, teaches workshop on How to Open a Distillery and is Channel 4’s resident Gin Expert on Sunday Brunch.

Emile Ward

Emile is the engineer behind Gin Foundry’s operations and is responsible for our social media, manages our bespoke projects and generally keeps the wheels turning. Emile’s commercial understanding, harnessed by his expertise in advertising and his unique take on products, has allowed Gin Foundry to launch projects that celebrate the category and allow consumers to enjoy all the aspects of gin’s rich history.

To date, Emile’s careful stewardship has seen the Ginvent calendars go global, Junipalooza quickly becoming the biggest gin event the UK has ever seen (since the gin craze days of course!) and slowly but surely, transform Gin Foundry from yet another blog into the Home of Gin.


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